BITKA is the choice of companies seeking to extract the maximum potential from their data in the shortest possible time.

We develop analytical solutions according to the specific needs of your business and combining the main success factors


Your knowledge is very valuable! We believe that the best results are a reflection of the alignment between your business knowledge and the expertise of our team in creating analytical solutions adhering to your reality.


Team composed of people who have been working for more than 15 years creating and implementing analytical systems in customers from various industrial sectors.


Analytical solutions developed with a focus on leveraging the integration between systems, processes and people in operations planning.


Effective methodology for understanding and solving analytical problems combined with speed and quality in the delivery of solutions provided by the use of its own component platform, graphical interfaces and algorithms.

Our solutions are generic, configurable and customizable.
Even so, the opportunity to solve your problem always means for our team the possibility to further improve our solutions.


Solutions that address Supply Chain challenges, Logistics Planning and Control, Production Planning and Control, Tax Optimization, Transportation Planning, Task Allocation, Equipment Sizing and Allocation, Merchandise Trading, Event Prediction and much more.

In The Right Time

Practice in implementing Long, Medium, Short, Very Short Term Planning solutions, as well as Operational Control.


Thinking Out of The Box

Ability to unite all Advanced Analytics techniques in unique and disruptive solutions. Having experience in developing systems that are able to present the current situation (Descriptive Analysis), forecast (Predictive Analysis), and propose optimally alternatives to obtain the best result (Prescriptive Analysis).


The challenge is not to format your problem in one of our analytical solutions, but to combine them in the best possible way to meet the specifics of your business.

Team Work

BITKA recommends taking a collaborative approach with customers to understand their objectives and define solutions in line with their unique requirements.

Exploratory Discussion

Meeting in order to understand the business needs and expectations of the customer as well as define deliverables.

Detailing Workshop

Alignment meeting focused on specific customer requirements, resolution approach, schedules, data availability and mapping of essential people and processes.


Alignment between BITKA and client on the scope of work of the MVP (Minimum Version Possible) to demonstrate the viability of the solution.

Data Sharing

The customer shares data with BITKA to enable the work progress.

Get To Work

BITKA and the client work together to ensure the success of the work.
While BITKA evaluates the alternatives and implements the best solution given the business challenge, the client is constantly called on for directions regarding the understanding of the problem and visibility of the work being developed.

Results Workshop

BITKA and the client analize results obtained and define the next possible steps.
Among them, the most common are to start a Pilot (more comprehensive MVP) or even to start the process of implementing the solution on the client.

Continuous Development

BITKA improves the solution developed from the acquired business knowledge and specific customer requests.
At that moment, the client already understands better how the work process works and knows how to better define his real needs in face of an Advanced Analytics solution. It is quite common to create new features or even to review existing features.


As the solution evolves, BITKA and the customer begin the implementation process in all Locations that the customer wants.
At this stage, it is common to map and develop new features in the solution since the customer's operation can vary greatly between Locations.

Support and Maintenance

We know that there will always be new challenges or situations in which the customer will need some support to operate the implemented solution.
BITKA has a team of specialists capable of providing the necessary support in the most varied situations, such as training new users, analyzing results, implementing improvements, rolling out the solution to new Locations and much more.
That is why we always recommend maintaining a support team to assist in day-to-day operation!

Our Team

BITKA is under the guidance and leadership of those who believe in always innovating, investing in culture and strengthening teamwork to allow our customers to solve what seems to be impossible.



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